Mad Max is not always “MAD”. When he is happy he writes Dog Product Reviews based on his personal experience, and when he is MAD….

Scott Murray and Mad Max Blog AuthorsMad Max RelaxingMad Max with his Red Neckerchief

Mad Max and his master

….he writes these blog rantings about what really sets him off as a dog living in a dog’s world.

As mentioned preveiosly Max also likes to help other dogs and pet lovers by providing dog product reviews. Max will Rant when a dog product does not impress him and he will rave when a dog product does impress him. The matrix below describes how Max rates the dog products he reviews.

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Dog Product Reviews Ratings are:

Raves Rants
Good Poor
Better Poorer
Best Poorest

We welcome your comments on our blogs and dog product reviews. If you have dog products you would like Mad Max to review please let us know.

If you have experience with the products Max reviews we would love to have your comments left on our blog post. Help us rate the dog products available on the market today.